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What is the price for architectural rendering service?

Price and cost 3D Visualization

3D Rendering Prices: Why are there so many prices? When promoting your project with 3D Architectural renderings , you will often be asked questions regarding how much you paid to render the final image because the concept has Despite being so popular, the service is still pretty unpredictable when it comes to pricing. In any given project, all customers are usually looking for is high quality and good customer service at a low price. If you don’t have time to render your project, you need to contact the rendering company to get a quote from them and you also have to find out what their previous work is like, to determine if Your needs can be accommodated or not. Not all rendering companies create images of the same quality so a Freelancer can offer cheaper and more affordable products than companies that offer better quality. The reality of the painting industry in general: the higher the quality and detail => the higher the price

Standard 3D rendering costs:

3D rendering services vary depending on the amount of work and the size of the 3D drawing. with the same details provided to us and the scope of work you request. If multiple images of the same room are requested, the price of 3D rendering will be much lower than if one image per room is required.

Main cost components

Whether you’re developing a large or small project, there are several key pricing components that can affect the price you pay.

  • Key Elements
    • Scale of the project: The bigger, the bigger the higher the price
    • Style: The more classic, the more details the higher the price
    • Texture: The more materials, the higher the price for detail
    • Number of Views: 1 bedroom 2 View the price will only be x1.3 times compared to 1 View. For example: 1 bedroom 1 View: 1 million VND, but 2 Views will be 1 million 300 thousand VND
  • Size of the image Example: A final 2K Render image differs from an 8K . image
  • Do you provide enough reference files, documents and images of the project? For example, the more information, images, and drawings you provide, the easier it is for us to understand and do. job => cheaper cost
  • Deadline: The faster the time, the more we charge
  • Modifications: Usually customers have 2 free revisions, and will pay for the 3rd revision onwards

If your project is quite special and has many novelties, then you will most likely need workers – Skilled painters with many years of experience to carry out They  also when labor is a factor The time it takes for the workstations to use the computing power to render is also a big concern. much more for visualization companies because it increases the investment cost. the problem here is rendering high quality large size images for an advertisement image from a very powerful computer and a lot of time that’s why the computer has to compute a lot of data, materials and costs. more detail to create the final image Client submissions are also an issue so we can keep costs down for you if you send a very clear summary with pre-built 3D model reference images and performance style. You want to be clear it will give you a much lower cost as we have to do less work however if your summary is not clear the animators have to be very supportive of your wife to come up with the idea that you are looking forward to making them come true and in the worst case they get you wrong The time it takes to fix it is also very long and we completely add the cost of this stage to the final price together Time limit If the artist team has to work overtime to complete, the price will be increased. also deadline is important not only for cost but also for rendering quality of project if work need to be done in 2 days then less labor invested in project this can lead to lower quality 5 things you must remember: As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of prices 3D rendering companies can charge you, regardless of whether you are a buyer or a developer. The possibility of payment cannot be ruled out when a final decision has to be made. However, there are several factors to consider when evaluating prices quoted by companies:

  • Standard rates are not possible for this sector. So beware of anyone who advertises to you that they have a specific price even though they haven’t looked at your project.
  • Provide as much clarity as you can when you send someone a quote And even more after agreeing to work together this will allow the team to be able to craft your image exactly as it should. you imagine
  • The competition is getting fiercer companies trying to deceive Customers are getting more and more If you find a company or an individual trying to sell you a good image at an unbelievable price If you get less than 1 million dong, try asking them what products they have completed and learn more about them, many people I often have the habit of using their month-long pictures to advertise their services. and the quality when working in Laos is heaven and earth
  • Choosing a company with good customer service and good communication skills is a must. On the other hand, you should choose companies with clear origins. companies usually have skilled workers and they will know very well What more do you need than student guys who offer super cheap rates sometimes you will be annoyed that these people have to edit so many times just understood what you mean
  • One person who bid 1000000₫ and one who bid 1500000₫ may find it difficult to tell the difference just by looking at the product they advertise. Behind that is the quality of service – the enthusiasm in communication and the things that you will have to experience to realize the difference.

Paying artists to do the work for you instead of just letting them do the work

Customer service and communication play an important role in 3D rendering. If your interest in information and advice is not listened to carefully, this can make your project a bit of a mess. extremely annoying when editing the main problem with this is the time it takes for you to complete the project the price you pay is the project will become delayed and take a lot of time to edit When working with students We encourage you to provide as much clarity as possible at the start of the project so that misunderstandings can be minimized and modifications allow for a comfortable experience without the need to supervise us. each Li by little

3D rendering cost vs quality

Ask any 3D Rendering company for a price for a Rendering and they will ask for exact details as the cost of publishing before knowing the client’s needs is almost an impossible task and if they don’t, proceed with caution. 

High-quality 3D rendering

To get an image that reaches a wide range of people and captures the customer’s attention, that image requires a high-quality rendering impression that takes time and experienced workers. Experience will have satisfied clients with a low quality image and at a low price but we encourage you to contact highly skilled painters for a quote as we usually have a fair price. Affordable and deliver compelling visuals to each individual client

 Low-quality 3D rendering  

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